Thame, Nepal

Thame is the home village of Apa Sherpa. It is nestled in the Himalayan mountain range. On the way to Thame, you will first come to the bustling village of Namche. Most people trekking cheap jerseys in the Khumbu region M?hren will take an acclimation day in Namche before they continue on trekking to their destination. From Namche it is a half of a cheap MLB jerseys day’s hike to Thame. On the way, you will pass the Phurte Nursery. It is here that they grow starters for replanting of trees in the area. It takes  up to three years before the plant starts are ready for planting. From there they will take them wholesale NBA jerseys to various places in the area. This helps with controlling Trek mud slides and replaces the trees cut down for building.

Gradually you make your way to the small village of Hierbij Thamo. You will soon be hiking by a river, beautiful Mani rocks and walls with paintings of the Kuka Buddha. The steepest part of the trek lies over cheap nba jerseys the river where you zig zag your way to the gate or Kani of the village.


The people of Thame are some of the friendliest on this earth. The school if full of energetic kids eager to visit with you.

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Above Thame you will see the beautiful Thame Monastery worth the extra effort to hike up to.


Thame is a village that will stay in your heart and soul forever.

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