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    Currently the Sherpas do not have a written language and poor economic conditions have led to an exodus of young people to larger cities in order to seek a better life. The foundation’s first and most important task is to reverse this trend and strengthen the home land of the Sherpa people.

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7.8 Magnitude Earthquake – Apa and Team are Safe

As many of you may have already heard, there has been a deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal. Apa Sherpa and his trekking team are safe and are located in Monjo, a small village in the Khumbu region of Nepal.

This has been a horrible tragedy, many villages have been destroyed and lives have been lost. Pemba, Apa’s son has been in contact with Apa and has reported that Apa’s home and village in Thame, Nepal have been destroyed.

Apa and the trekking team are on the ground and will be aiding the people of Nepal and the Khumbu region in whatever way they can. What started as a humanitarian trek to donate supplies to schools and hospitals in the region, has now turned into a different kind of humanitarian trek. May god be with the people of Nepal and the Khumbu region.

Om Mani Padme Hum


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Photo source: http://si.wsj.net/public/resources/images/BN-IB993_0425ne_M_20150425123529.jpg

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Nepal Trek 2015 – Part 2

They say that Kathmandu is like a Beehive on acid… I see it! I feel it! I love it!

Every sense is completely saturated with the noise, the smells, and the colors. It can be overwhelming to some. Luckily everyone in our group drank it up. We flew in to Kathmandu valley two days ago. We were able to get settled into a quaint hotel. The Mandala Boutique Hotel located in Thamel, which is the hub for people going on expeditions. Trekkers, bikers, and climbers all come to Thamel to start and end their adventures. It is full of mountaineering stores, great restaurants and people!

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Nepal Trek 2015 – Part 1

Our traveling thus far:

1 1/2 hour flight to LA where upon arrival we had a 7 hour lay over

LA to Tokyo- 10 1/2 hr flight

Tokyo to Singapore 6 hour flight and arriving in Singapore at 3am we had to hangout at an airport lounge for a few hours (which was awesome and equipped with much needed massage chairs) before we were able to get a shuttle to our much awaited hotel.

At 10am, 25 hours after we started this trip, we got to LAY DOWN in a great hotel and in one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited.

Singapore is amazing! It is clean, modern and beautiful.

We hopped on a bus that we thought would take us to the Marine area, we drove on the double decker bus for about 45 minutes and decided this was not going where we thought is was! We asked a young man and he confirmed that we were going opposite of where we were hoping to end up. So we got off at the next stop and asked a man how to get to where we had hoped to go. He was trying to explain it and finally just said follow me.. He lived across the street and drove us there in his car! He was very kind and willing to help us out.

The Marina area was stunning! The architecture was new and modern. We visited a mall area that was a city in itself! It was huge and even had a Casino in it. So you could go from shopping, eating, to loosing all of your money in one stop. Who am I kidding, I could do that just with the shopping there! ;)

We had a great day of just checking out this really cool city! The mishap bus ride just added to it! We got to see a lot of the city from the top of an air conditioned bus…did I mention the heat and humidity? …it’s HOT and HUMID :)

We are headed back to the airport this morning for Kathmandu. If you ever fly this route to Nepal, I highly recommend a layover in beautiful Singapore!

Our awesome ride to nowhere in particular
Todd having Tiger beer with the Tiger of the Himalayas :)
Best massage chair ever!!
From the sky walk at the hotel :)
A pano of the Gardens by the Bay park :)

The name of the Three column building is Marina Bay Sands. It is really cool and looks like a big ship on top of the three pillars. There is a garden on top and beautiful flowers on every level of the hotel.

The park is called Gardens by the Bay. The big palm tree structures are referred to as “Super Trees” and they light up at night. There is even a restaurant in the top of one of them!

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Apa and his team have worked the last five years to raise money to assist the Thame School. Now, with the help and support of generous donations, the Apa Sherpa Foundation will be able to expand the legacy already begun by Apa himself.

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