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    It only takes $2,000 USD to pay a teachers salary in the Khumbu region. Help support the education of the children in the Khumbu region by making a donation today.

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  • View the Khumbu region with google before the devastating earthquake.
    Thank you to google and all their help with Nepal and the Apa Sherpa Foundation~ Apa Sherpa Foundation

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    Currently the Sherpas do not have a written language and poor economic conditions have led to an exodus of young people to larger cities in order to seek a better life. The foundation’s first and most important task is to reverse this trend and strengthen the home land of the Sherpa people.

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Meet Apa Sherpa

Apa (born Lhakpa Tenzing Sherpa; 20 January 1960) nicknamed “Super Sherpa”, is a Nepalese Sherpa mountaineer who, jointly with Phurba Tashi, holds the world record for reaching the summit of Mount Everest more times than any other person.
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The inspirational story of Everest record holder goes multimedia

For Immediate Release

Orlando, Fla. November 5, 2015 –– Everest Media Productions and IDEAS, an Orlando-based media and experience design company, have announced a joint venture to bring the story of Apa Sherpa, the world record holder for the most Mt. Everest summits, to multiple media outlets and educational venues across the World.

Proceeds from the effort will be returned to the continued rebuilding of Nepal after a massive earthquake in April killed over 9,000.

Jerry Mika, managing partner at Everest Media Productions commented that, “Apa has inspired many by his record-setting accomplishment of 21 summits, and now it is our honor to team with him and IDEAS to spread his story to a global audience.”

Everest Media Productions and IDEAS have over 50 hours of HD and 360-degree immersive content. Their strategy will encompass the production of audience experiences, including film, documentary television, virtual reality and augmented reality for museums, science centers, and educational programs, as well as children’s features and stories. The story will center on Apa’s life achievements, the Sherpa culture and the changing environment in the Himalayas.

“The project will benefit from the ‘Power of Story,’ delivered by IDEAS and multiplied by the advanced optical systems that we have developed,” said Phil Ruggieri, CEO of IDEAS. “You only have to meet Apa one time, listen carefully to his modest account of his life, and you will realize that the spirit he exudes is the reason we must share his story across the world.”

“I have been blessed to reach the summit many times and to share that with a few people. Now, we will share it with millions – but most of all – we will share our gains with the people of Nepal, to help them build the community for the future of all people there,” observed Apa Sherpa.

About Everest Media Productions – Founded in 2009, Everest Media Productions is a team of adventurers who work with Apa Sherpa to bring the story of the Mountain, the Country and the People of the Himalayas to the world’s audience.

About IDEAS – IDEAS is a media and experience design firm with 14 years of experience in story-driven content development and production for a portfolio of worldwide clients and projects. www.ideasorlando.com

Contact: Jerry Mika – Jerry@EverestMediaProductions.com

Phil Ruggieri – PhilR@IdeasOrlando.com

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Thame School Rebuild Project

The Apa Sherpa Foundation is working closely with the Thame Sherpa Heritage Fund and other organizations to finalize the building plans needed for the Thame School. Originally, there were a total of five individual buildings on the Thame school grounds. Due to the recent devastation of the earthquakes, all of them will need rebuilding. However, the remote location of Thame causes difficulty in the rebuilding process. All of the supplies must either be transported by helicopter, or carried up to the village by porters.

We have had difficulties with the approval of the building designs. The Thame School needs a safer, more earthquake tolerant design and rather than rush into the project with inadequate designs, the Thame School leaders are taking time to get the right designs. 

Thame School has now repaired several of the buildings and has functioning temporary learning centers. Only one block is completely out of action. How well the repaired classrooms will withstand the harsh winter conditions is unknown. With winter’s fast approach, the shortage of supplies, and qualified carpenters, all  groups involved have concluded that spring would be a better time to begin building the school. This will assure a more stable and successful setting for construction.

The Apa Sherpa Foundation has set aside money that has been generously donated to be put towards the re-construction of one of the buildings at the Thame school. We look forward to seeing the children  move from tents back to the buildings! We are honored to be a part of making this happen, and we thank you for the donations that are making this possible. If you’re interested in donating, donate here.

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IMG 5309   ASF
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IMG 5351   ASF
IMG 5367   ASF
IMG 5788   ASF
IMG 5806   ASF

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Children Helping Children

On June 13th, the Draper, Utah Corner Canyon Academy  hosted a fundraiser for the Thame School. We had a great day full of Nepali food, music, dancing and fun.

The money raised will go directly to help with the construction of the Thame School that was destroyed in the April Earthquakes. Construction will begin in early Spring.

We at Apa Sherpa Foundation would like to thank Corner Canyon Academy children and family members for taking time out of their busy lives to help children half a world away.

Thank you!

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Who We Are

Apa and his team have worked the last five years to raise money to assist the Thame School. Now, with the help and support of generous donations, the Apa Sherpa Foundation will be able to expand the legacy already begun by Apa himself.

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