Trek Blog 5/10/17

Our trekkers are awesome. We have decided it would better if the fun facts came from each other. It is a little more authentic and less awkward than trying to come up with facts about yourself!

Heather: Mom of 3 kids, 3 dogs and 1 cat. She is passionate about climbing, hiking and being outdoors. Heather captures the authentic world through her camera. She loves traveling and Trekking to base camp is #1 on her bucket list. Her family is her center.

Rose: The ocean is her happy place. She is an animal enthusiast. Dinosaurs, jellyfish and pandas are her favorite… in that order. In the past school year she spent over 200 hours doing art projects. She is our youngest trekker at the spry age of 17.

Chris: He is an elementary education major. Lived in China for 2 years and is fluent in Cantonese. Karaoke king and Harry Potter enthusiast. Second time braving nepal.

Covi: Yes, that is her full name. Crest > Colgate. Black on blac on blak. Salt and spice, never sweet. Irrational fear of snakes, hence a love for Nepali elevation.

Steph: Steph loves children, that’s why she is a pediatric nurse. Ginger forever. Movie enthusiast. Addicted to soft blankets. Jeans are considered fancy in her wardrobe.

Val: She is a badass, but won’t admit it. The momma bear to everyone around. Radiates love and good energy. This is her 6th time exploring Nepal. Confidently, directionally challenged. 😉

Ang Nima: Our fearless Sherpa guide. He has two beautiful children and an amazing wife. Contagious laugh. Dal bhat power 24 hour. Lives in Khumjung. Has been a guide for almost twenty years.

We have had an incredible experience so far. Everyone is so excited and open to every experience. This will be a life changing journey no doubt.

You can make a difference!