Thame School Rebuild Project

The Apa Sherpa Foundation is working closely with the Thame Sherpa Heritage Fund and other organizations to finalize the building plans needed for the Thame School. Originally, there were a total of five individual buildings on the Thame school grounds. Due to the recent devastation of the earthquakes, all of them will need rebuilding. However, the remote location of Thame causes difficulty in the rebuilding process. All of the supplies must either be transported by helicopter, or carried up to the village by porters.

We have had difficulties with the approval of the building designs. The Thame School needs a safer, more earthquake tolerant design and rather than rush into the project with inadequate designs, the Thame School leaders are taking time to get the right designs. 

Thame School has now repaired several of the buildings and has functioning temporary learning centers. Only one block is completely out of action. How well the repaired classrooms will withstand the harsh winter conditions is unknown. With winter’s fast approach, the shortage of supplies, and qualified carpenters, all  groups involved have concluded that spring would be a better time to begin building the school. This will assure a more stable and successful setting for construction.

The Apa Sherpa Foundation has set aside money that has been generously donated to be put towards the re-construction of one of the buildings at the Thame school. We look forward to seeing the children  move from tents back to the buildings! We are honored to be a part of making this happen, and we thank you for the donations that are making this possible. If you’re interested in donating, donate here.

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You can make a difference!