Thame, Nepal Still Needs Help After Earthquake Damage

To all of our friends,

I would like to share an update with all of you. Apa and our team are in Nepal on their Educational/Humanitarian Trek. The earthquake that hit on Saturday in Nepal was devastating. Apa’s village of Thame was severely damaged, 80 % of the homes collapsed including Apa’s and his family’s.

Currently we have Lexi Riddle and Valerie Littleton coming home soon. They will be air lifted by helicopter from Namche. They will arrive in Kathmandu. Then they will be flown from there to Deli and arriving home soon. I will keep everyone updated as to when they will arrive in SLC.

Next Apa and Todd are staying in Thame. There has not been any help in Thame and Apa and Todd are getting a supply chain started. We purchased all of the supplies we could find in Namche and asked climbers for anything they could leave.

Our next plan of action is that we need air transportation and supplies from Kathmandu. We understand there are no tents, tarps and supplies in Kathmandu so I call out to the Outdoor retailers. Our donations are going back 100%. We have people on the ground and it can all be coordinated with Apa and Todd leading.

I just spoke with Apa and he said they need Shelter. Big Tents, Tarps. The School has been totally destroyed and we would like to start a tent city for the people there, we will keep everyone updated. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Jerry Mika
Apa Sherpa Foundation
Salt Lake City, Utah

Apa At Thame School
Apa With Mom
Apa's Lodge
Back Of Apa's Lodge
Homes Upper Thame
Tea House Upper Thame
Thame School
Thame School
Thame School interior
Thame School interior
Injured Woman Upper Thame
Thame School

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