Nepal Trek – May 8, 2016

As we trek through the Solo Khumbu, one thing that stands out to me is the young age of the porters carrying more than their weight up the mountains. My heart breaks for the young girls and boys, not attending school. That is a privilege unknown to them. Their future, their life, holds no choices for them.  Young children I met a few years ago, are now on the mountains doing unimaginable dangerous work to earn a living.

The need for education has never been so evident as it has this trip.  After the earthquake, the Apa Sherpa  Foundation board was overwhelmed with the needs in Nepal.  In the end, we all agreed; education gives hope and change to a community. We made the decision to continue the work we set out to do from the beginning. Fund teachers and improve schools. Being there only confirmed that our decision was exactly what we need to continue doing.

The two main focuses that we will continue to work on is first and foremost, funding teachers. We have now added 2 more teachers to the roster of who we financially support. Second, helping rebuild part of the school. This is a longer process that will take patience. Because Thame is located in the Sagarmatha National Park, every improvement and building must be approved by the Nepali government. This takes time and effort by someone on the ground in Nepal.  While in Nepal, we visited with different organizations that may be a good fit for us to work with.

The life in the Khumbu is not an easy one. It takes a community that works together.

Apa Sherpa cares deeply about his community in the Solo Khumbu and the community looks to him for help.

It was an overwhelming feeling of confirmation to me and I believe the rest of the board that visited this time. We are in the right spot, helping the right people by allowing this next generation a choice through education.

“Without an education, we have no choice” ~Apa Sherpa


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