Nepal Trek – May 7, 2016

As I sit a think about my friends in the Khumbu, my thoughts go back to our time here last year. Everything including the human spirit in crumbles before us. So many tears that are rarely shed in this part of the world. So many warm embraces to cushion the blow that was given. I left in the midst of it, giving me a different view of this precious place and people.

A year later? One quote comes to my mind that describes what I see perfectly. “Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit” ~Bern William

The people of the Solo Khumbu region of Nepal exemplifying this quote daily. I have a dear friend Lhakpa, before the earthquake, windstorms took down his home twice. He didn’t stop, give up, or wait for someone else to do it, he rebuilt it. Not once, but twice! He lost his home again in the earthquakes. He has rebuilt once again. One wall is now bulging from the never ending after shocks. He will begin rebuilding after the trekking season.

When we entered the Thame village, there is little sign of the damage from a year ago. The exception being all of the homes are now only one story. The exteriors are in tact. The interiors, not finished yet. There is still so much work for them to do. That work will wait until after the trekking and climbing season. This is the season that helps provide them with the necessities to rebuild and survive the monsoon and winters.

As I walk away from this trip, I stand in awe of my friends and think of all of the things I have learned from them. What we all could learn from them. Is everything back to normal? No. Just as the outer shells are fixed in the homes, the inner parts take a little more time. But in time, that too will mend.

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