Nepal Trek – April 30, 2016

The team split up in the village of Namche. Apa and Yangjin were eager to get to Thame to reunite with their family. The Thule team left with Apa to Thame to film the reunion.

The rest of the group; Todd, Val, and Chris, went to Khumjung to acclimate for one more day before going to Thame which sits at 12,533 feet. They were greeted with beautiful views of Mt. Everest, Ama Dablam, and Lhotse.

When the teams reunited in Thame, they were treated to a sitting with the new reincarnation of the head Llama of Thame. It was a surreal experience for all. It included a Sundi (blessed string necklace) and a khata scarf that was blessed by the reincarnated head Llama.  They started the day with a hike up to the Thame Monastery. It is set on the side of the Mountain that over looks the valley. Through the generous donation from Thule, they were able to give each  student of the monastery a new Thule backpack (stay tuned for the AWESOME story behind the packs)!

Their time was also spent handing out goal zero solar torches to those most in need. Goal zero has been very generous in donating products to the Apa Sherpa Foundation. It was a great day being able to give the solar flashlights to those most in need of them.

Today the ASF and  Thule team members have an exciting day in store at the Thame school. Look for the next blog to read about the once in a lifetime experience they will have!

30APR Thame Goal Zero 21086
30APR Thame Goal Zero 21088
30APR Thame Goal Zero 21093
30APR Thame Goal Zero 21099
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IMG 2020
IMG 1773
IMG 1860

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