Nepal Trek 2015 – Our Story of the Nepal Earthquake

Hello everyone,

First I want to say thanks to our Sherpa friends we are safe!

Our Trek Team









It is hard to know where to begin. We luckily got a flight to Lukla the day before the earthquake. Many times you end up waiting for a while in Kathmandu before they have flights.

On the day the earthquake happened we were heading to Namche. To get there you basically walk through a canyon with very steep walls. We had to cross over a few suspended bridges that are around two hundred feet high. As we were crossing a bridge, we felt the bridge start moving up and down. At first I thought it was someone fooling around and jumping on the bridge. It then got big and the bridge was literally moving up and down as if someone were shaking it. Lexi and I were not too far out, Apa another gentleman were behind us, and Todd was right in the middle of the bridge. We ran off and were still confused on what was happening. It sounded like a fierce wind. We then started seeing rock slides and a structure collapse before we realized what was happening.

In Monjo we were all in shock and decided to have tea. At the tea house we had many after shocks, we would just get settled then one would come and we’d all run out trying to get to an open area. We came to the decision after hearing about a fatality just ahead of us that we should stay put. That night was really rough. The tea houses in Monjo are very close to one another and there’s not much open area. The rooms were not in a secure place so we all slept in a gathering area with a door that exited out to a patio area.  None of us slept well due to the after shocks that happened every few hours. It would be calm and then the rumbling would start and we would dart out of our sleeping bags and run outside. Longest night of our lives!

In the morning we decided to try to get to Namche for a safer area. The problem was the trail to Namche was very dangerous. We put away our cameras and just hiked as fast as we could. I have never climbed the Namche wall that fast. It is a steep hike. Once we arrived in Namche, we were told that they were expecting a big after shock and we should head directly up to the army station.

The after shock happened about 40 minutes after they had predicted it. We felt this even more than the first quake. It was hard to just stand the ground was swaying so much. The town of Namche swayed side to side. It was very unsettling. We were so blessed to have have arrived in Namche before that happened.

We are now up above Namche in a tent city that has gone up. We feel safe here. Our Sherpa friends have been so helpful. Ang Nima’s village of Khumjung was hit hard and his family was there. He would not leave us until we were settled. He is just now seeing to his family.

Apa left for Thame today. Again, he wanted to make sure we were safe before he left.

The town of Thame and Upper Thame were hit very hard. From what we understand, all houses are gone. We are waiting to hear from Apa to see what we can bring from here to help.

My heart is sick for him. This is so devastating. The monsoon season will start within the next month. We are hoping that we can raise money to help them get the shelter and provisions they will need. We are seeing many people without homes right now. There is Too much instability in the homes that are left for them to safely be in them. They are all living in tents. They rely on the tourists for their main source of income. This will undoubtedly affect them also.

The Sherpa people are kind, caring and a very humble people. My heart aches for them. We are safe BECAUSE of them!

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  • Michelle Tanner

    Hope all is well. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Be safe.

  • Richard Christensen

    Val…Richard Christensen….so happy to hear you are safe! You are a warrior! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and a safe return home. Remember your yoga breathing 🙂

  • Debra Hanks

    Lexi -=- and all of you — please know we’re holding you close in our prayers for you safety and well being. Sending much love to you!!! Debra & Laurel

  • Jeff Meskey

    Glad you are all safe and continue to be so. I am saddened by
    the devastation in Nepal and neighboring countries. Sad that Apa has to see
    Thame take such a blow.

  • chris johnson

    I am glad all are safe and best of luck. I would like to donate but was looking for the IRS report on the website and am unavailable to find it on the website. I have tried to go on Charity Navigator and the BBB and am not finding the info. I am careful with my donating after the Red Cross fiasco years ago. I realize this would not be on the top of your priorities at this moment but please post in on the website or post a link.

  • Vicki Ringer

    I found them on the IRS Exempt organization list and located them on Guidestar. Their EIN is 27-2198169

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