Nepal Trek – April 25, 2016

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Our team in Nepal has been in Kathmandu for the past two days. They have been very busy meeting with other sources such as Sir Edmond Hillary’s own Himalayan Trust Foundation.  This foundation has had a presence in Nepal since the 1960’s and built 26 out of the 60 schools found in the Khumbu region. The meeting has helped the team by providing valuable information regarding the various schools and their needs. Apa Sherpa and his team are moving forward in learning how to best utilize the donations given for teacher salaries and the rebuilding effort of the Thame school.

Once the team reaches Thame, another meeting will take place with the Thame Heritage Foundation. They will discuss in detail the plans for the new school.  It is of utmost importance to the foundation that they make informed choices that will enable this work to always continue. Carrying with it Apa Sherpa’s legacy of perseverance.

The Apa Sherpa Foundation intends to become a leading role in support of not only the Thame school, but other schools in the Mt. Everest region that are in need. We can only continue to do this with the generous donations we receive. A heart felt thank you to all who have joined our effort in helping provide an education for the children of Nepal.

Next stop Lukla! 

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