Nepal Earthquake #2

I awoke to the news of the earthquake today. My heart went to my friends I left in Namche a week ago; Tsedam, the owner of the Zamling tea house, mountain equipment store and The Home Away From Home school for children.

His family are wonderful people. They all work together with the school, tea house and store. Home Away from Home is a hostel or boarding school they opened for helping younger children from the surrounding areas.  These children are sponsored by people like you and I. This sponsorship gives them the opportunity to go to school. They are well cared for. I have spent time with them the last two times I have been. The children are happy and content there.

When the first earthquake happened, many of the families collected their children and took them home for a while. Now they are all back at the school. I was fortunate to hear from Tsedam. He said as of now they are all ok, but they were back on the school grounds (in tents and under tarps) and have 65 children to care for. He is at a loss for what to do. We are waiting to hear about their situation in further detail. We are hoping they have enough shelter for everyone.
Our prayers are with them at this time.

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You can make a difference!