Sad Hearts

I am writing a quick update from Kathmandu (5/12) now that Apa and I are out of the Khumbu mountain region.  We left Thame the evening of May 8th on a helicopter that was dropping off rice and supplies in Thame. After a quick stop in Namche, to pick up and injured Nepali woman, we landed in Lukla and spent the night at the Paradise Lodge.  Apa is good friends with the owner so we were treated very well.  The next morning we luckily caught the 3rd flight out of Lukla to Kathmandu.

Recap of the Nepal Earthquake

As I sit here unable to sleep, safe in the comforts of my own home, my mind can’t help but go over the past week again and again. I read some of the blogs we had written, entries full of excitement for the trek ahead. The stories had hope of a grand adventure, of visiting schools along the way to basecamp. Stories of excitement and happiness.