Apa and Todd Are On Their Way Home

Apa and Todd have started to make their way back home. They are currently in Kathmandu and staying very busy with the media. Everybody wants Apa’s time and representation.

One interview that Apa did was with AFP (Agence France-Presse) and they did a great article, which can be found here: ‘We’ve lost everything’: Nepal Sherpas fear for future after quake

Below are a few more pictures of Thame before Apa and Todd departed:

IMG 4154

Apa in green eating potatoes with locals after helping put up tent in the background. Before quake they would do this inside the home.

IMG 4179

Thame Home

IMG 4190

Covered belongings & living conditions – homes in the background

IMG 4195

Burning thatch from roof of their collapsed house

IMG 4213

Upper Thame – the back of this home is totally collaped

IMG 4239

Upper Thame

IMG 4245

Upper Thame and living conditions

IMG 4261

Upper Thame

IMG 4264

Upper Thame – hard to even see the house it is so damaged

IMG 4316

Inside Thame Home

IMG 4323


IMG 4120

Upper Thame

IMG 4177

School kids-first day back to school on Tuesday -collapsed classroom in foreground. Rainbow in sky. Apa said Sherpas say rainbow like this means rain or snow. It rained pretty hard and snowed that afternoon.

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