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Safe landing at Lukla

Safe landing at Lukla walked to Ghat today 9.5 miles to meet with School principal. We will be having a festival on May 12th. We will post the festival.
Valerie-Galen Littleton and her team will arrive on May 10th. We have started a hot lunch program for 30 children with the major support of Thule.
Thule crew arrives April 25th to finish filming the Tiger of the Himalaya. The Apa Sherpa story.

TREK BLOG 4/19/17

The time is upon us once again. Trekking Season!

Last year I was sitting with Eric from Thule, in a Himalayan Teahouse located in Thame, Nepal. We were discussing the possibilities of a hot lunch program for the kids there. One short year later we are heading back up the mountain to see it happen.