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Nepal Trek – May 8, 2016

As we trek through the Solo Khumbu, one thing that stands out to me is the young age of the porters carrying more than their weight up the mountains. My heart breaks for the young girls and boys, not attending school. That is a privilege unknown to them. Their future, their life, holds no choices for them.  Young children I met a few years ago, are now on the mountains doing unimaginable dangerous work to earn a living.

Nepal Trek – May 7, 2016

As I sit a think about my friends in the Khumbu, my thoughts go back to our time here last year. Everything including the human spirit in crumbles before us. So many tears that are rarely shed in this part of the world. So many warm embraces to cushion the blow that was given. I left in the midst of it, giving me a different view of this precious place and people.