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Nepal Trek 2015 – Part 2

They say that Kathmandu is like a Beehive on acid… I see it! I feel it! I love it!

Every sense is completely saturated with the noise, the smells, and the colors. It can be overwhelming to some. Luckily everyone in our group drank it up. We flew in to Kathmandu valley two days ago. We were able to get settled into a quaint hotel. The Mandala Boutique Hotel located in Thamel, which is the hub for people going on expeditions. Trekkers, bikers, and climbers all come to Thamel to start and end their adventures. It is full of mountaineering stores, great restaurants and people!

Apa Sherpa Singapore

Nepal Trek 2015 – Part 1

Our traveling thus far:

1 1/2 hour flight to LA where upon arrival we had a 7 hour lay over

LA to Tokyo- 10 1/2 hr flight

Tokyo to Singapore 6 hour flight and arriving in Singapore at 3am we had to hangout at an airport lounge for a few hours (which was awesome and equipped with much needed massage chairs) before we were able to get a shuttle to our much awaited hotel.